What Sea Side Parents Say

SeaSide Nursery School in Bristol. Our second child just graduated from there, and both graduates have been more than ready for ‘big school’, and had a ball getting there. It is a small, loving, family environment…and I cannot recommend it highly enough.

– Nicky Piper

Sea Side! Sea Side! Sea Side! My son absolutely loved going to Sea Side for preschool and now loves heading back there for camps in the summer. Not only do they prepare the children for school but they expose them to music, art, and theater — very important in this day and age when these programs are getting cut back in public schools. I highly recommend Sea Side and my second child will definitely be attending Sea Side when he is ready.

– Kim Fryling

Our family has been part of the Seaside School family now for 3 years, going into our fourth. I’ll be so sad to leave when my youngest goes into Kindergarten next year, but I know he’ll be more than ready (and we’ll still be going to summer theater camp!). Kids at Seaside are part of a loving and enriching environment, with exposure to all of the arts, and plenty of science and math/reading readiness.

– Sarah Bullard

I don’t know a lot about the other preschools but i do know that Seaside is amazing. My son Cameron started there for a summer of camp and was so attached to me he would never stay in the mornings. Now he attended a year of preschool and he is currently at summer camp and i can’t get him to leave. Seaside provides loving, nurturing care and I can’t wait for Mathew, my other son to attend. Cameron was diagnosed in January with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy and i can’t say enough about the support that Seaside provided. They even had a Hop a Thon fundraiser to help raise money for a cure. I look forward to spending quite a few more years with Seaside at summer camp since the kids can go until they are 8. Seaside has been an unforgettable experience.

– Melanie Mally

Sea Side! Our family just moved to the area in May. I was anxious about finding the right place for my almost-4-year-old. I was very pleasantly surprised to see how well she took to her new school. She absolutely loves it. The teachers are wonderful and exceptionally well experienced, the grounds are really nice (lots of different equipment and things to play with, and an “enchanted garden” as well), and the indoor environment is very colorful, pleasant, and engaging. One of my favorite things is how much individual attention each child gets. The teachers know them well, and none of the children ever seem to feel left out or ignored. I’m sure all the schools on this list are great in their own way, but Sea Side has been a great experience for our family!

– Amanda Massa