About the School

Sea Side SchoolSea Side is a school for young children ages 3-6. John Fernandes Sr. found the school property while searching for options for his son and daughter in law. Pamela Pinskey (formerly Pamela Fernandes) a teacher and young mom wanted a place to be able to teach and stay at home with her own children, while being able to incorporate the arts where both she and her husband John Paul were involved. As recent graduates of Roger Williams University where they met they wanted to reach out to the community to help build a school where young children could be explorative and taught through the active use of the arts. In 1989 the school building was razed and a new building was constructed that John Paul Fernandes himself designed for their use. This gave the school the opportunity to add a kindergarten classroom and a separate room for nursery school. Over the years a before and after school program, summer camp and weekend workshops were added for children of varied ages.

One of the many pets that have called Sea Side home.The school housed many pets over the years, which included, dogs, cats, chickens, ducks, a goose, rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, gerbils, mice, and even tortoise.

The gardens give children the opportunity for a place to learn about nature, local wildlife, birds, koi, goldfish and plants. It also gives them a place for quiet reflection and in warmer weather a special story area for the teachers to use.

There are two play areas, a grassy area and a paved area for bicycle use and other activities that require a hard play surface.

In 2010, after offering a Kindergarten program for 20 years, Sea Side reverted back to a simple preschool for ages 3-5.