Nursery School

Sea Side PreschoolWe offer a year round program with a morning, full day or extended day program and are licensed for 31 children in two separate classes.

The children who enter Sea Side Nursery School are well prepared throughout the year to enter any kindergarten program.

Each day is an experience in learning.  Numbers, letters, social studies, reading readiness, music, science and the arts are taught daily. Children experience well-rounded activities that are not only exciting but also fun and stimulating to young minds.

Children are read to daily making them more aware of the printed and spoken word. Giving them a greater appreciation of books and reading.

Music and art are an important part of the day helping both fine and gross motor control.

Center play is a “free play” experience, where children learn to mingle with friends, share and pretend. They learn strategies in decision-making. The classroom ‘centers’ change on a regular basis this provokes thought in handling new choices.

Writing skills are introduced. Each child is expected to learn his/her name (read and written) with the help of a teacher/aide. Words are introduced with the help of labels in the classroom; this association helps the “skill” of reading without knowing. Letters are integrated into the class all day.

Math skills are used daily. While working and playing numbers and numerical values surround the children.

Cubbies and Coat HooksWe think you will find Sea Side a delightful place to play and learn both indoors and out.

We do our best to help your child feel they are important. Each child at Sea Side Nursery knows they are part of everyone’s day and that they are “Special!”

Success is the key to LIFE! If you build a strong foundation the structure will ultimately survive many storms… the structure built upon a weak foundation rarely survives.

Sea Side helps to build strong educational foundations.   Sea Side opened in 1983 and is licensed by the RI Department of Children, Youth and Families.