School Handbook


Registration is necessary for your child’s placement. All registration forms and contracts must be filled in completely to assure placement in a class. No placement will be valid unless all forms are signed and filled in on or before the first day of school attendance.


Unless your child is ill they should be in attendance. It is necessary per state law to call in your child’s inability to attend school. This call should be placed before class begins. School attendance records are legal documents; please do not forget to call if your child will not be attending class.


The expected time for arrival is not earlier than 10 minutes before the start of class. If you arrive earlier than 10 minutes before start time expect to receive an invoice for childcare (less than one hour of time used is a fee of $7.00) Each student must be signed in upon arrival, the sign in sheet can be found in the cubby area upon entering the building. The sign in sheet must be treated as a document; children should not be allowed to write on this document, it is for parents/guardians only.


Teachers and Aides will prepare the children for departure approximately 5 minutes before the end of class, giving them time to retrieve their belongings and to pack them up. As parent/guardian it is your responsibility to check your child’s cubby, bulletin board and sign in sheet for any news of the day. Don’t forget to sign out at the end of the day or pick up time.

School Forms

We are legally obliged by the State of RI for licensure to retain legal forms on your child’s behalf. These forms are distributed before the start of school and must be returned completely filled out on or before the first day of school. These forms include, a Physician’s Health form, Emergency Treatment, Parent Authorization.


Do not send your child to school ill under any circumstances. Any child with a fever, rash or thick colored nasal mucus will be sent home.

If you are called you are expected to come to pick up your child as soon as possible. No child should be sent to school with any communicable disease. You will also be notified if any communicable disease has been sighted in the center.


IF your child needs a medication you must make prior arrangements to have medicines administered by a parent/guardian or a trained person with proper authorization.


Your child should come to school prepared for comfort! Clothing for outdoor play should be appropriate to the time of year. Clothing worn daily should be clothing that can or may be soiled (aprons are generally worn when using messy media) the center will not be held responsible for any clothing incidents.
All students should have a change of clothing in a zip loc style bag labeled with their name. This bag should be kept either in their backpack or cubby at all times! Please keep up with size and weather changes!!

Sneakers are generally the best style shoes to wear to school. Slip on, crocs, sandals, and dress schools etc are dangerous on the playground and those children wearing such shoes will not be allowed to participate in playground activities if the staff feels the shoe is inappropriate for such play.

NO boots should be worn during the day, if your child wears boots to school a separate pair of shoes should be brought for wear through the day.

NO Camouflage or military style clothing may be worn.

Head lice

Head lice have become commonplace in schools however we have made serious attempts to keep Sea Side School void of these little creatures. One of the most important decisions was to have each child keep all articles brought to and from school in a backpack. This backpack should be large enough to carry your child’s jacket, shoes, lunchbox, etc.
Should you encounter these mini beasts, feel free to discuss it with us, and alert us!
We have several good resources you may feel free to borrow.

Fund Raisers

Fund-raisers may be held at any time of the school year, these are not mandatory. Book Orders do help the school to purchase new books and may be sent home from month to month. These are high quality books sold through Scholastic Book Company; orders may be paid by check payable to Scholastic Books 


Each parent/guardian is expected to sign in/out on the daily sheet provided in the cubby area. Please do not forget to do this upon arrival and again at dismissal. This is a legal document we as a licensed center are mandated to keep. All families are given a ‘security’ word each school year. This is for telephone use. You may be asked for it, be prepared to give it when asked.
Any person picking up your child must be on the list give at registration if they are not a note by you must be given prior to that pick up and the person will be asked for a valid form of identification, preferably a driver’s license.
If you have any custody papers or restraining orders the school must keep a copy in your child’s file.
Any instance of child abuse or neglect must be reported to the RI Department of Children and their Families this is RI state law.

Inclement Weather Days or Statewide Emergencies

NO tuition refunds are given for numerous inclement weather days (if more than unusual the director may make a choice to make up the days, but this is entirely at her discretion.)
Tuition is based on a contractual number of days your child attends school.
Please listen to the radio, television or internet for early dismissal or cancellation of the Bristol Warren Regional School District, this will determine our status in most cases.
You can always call Sea Side School at 254-0143 as well to hear a pre-recorded message or to reach a staff member (depending on the time).

School Photos
Sea Side School is part of Facebook * see Sea Side Nursery School. Photographs of school activities are published on the Facebook page on a regular basis. A photographer will provide us with school photos once a year; at your discretion you may or may not participate in the program. You will receive information on time and date.


At the beginning of each new month you will receive a monthly newsletter to give you a general idea of what is happening in your child’s classroom. You may be asked to volunteer in some way; this is the place to stay connected. Also keep your eyes on the bulletin boards.




If and only when a staff member may request a ‘show and tell’ object or for a specific activity should a toy be allowed to be brought to school.

Playground Rules

No child or children should enter any playground area without a staff member. Do not allow your child to roam the playgrounds; we expect full cooperation in this matter. Please alert any member of your family who will participate in pick up or drop off of this policy please.


We do like to make your child’s birthday a special time at school, You may send in a special treat to share but Please remember due to allergies of all kinds No Food Colors, Chocolate(s) or Nuts. Always check with a staff member to schedule your special birthday treat at school.

Snacks and Lunches

Sea Side School children who participate in a half day program should pack a healthy snack and drink each day. Sea Side School children who attend a full day program should pack healthy snacks, a complete lunch and two drinks daily or a refillable water bottle (which we will refill whenever empty). Sea Side School children who attend an extended day program should pack several healthy snacks, a full and complete lunch and always a refillable water bottle.

All items should be packed in a thermal style lunch bag/box as no refrigeration is available. The staff is also not prepared to heat individual items. Necessary tools like utensils and napkins should not be forgotten.

Field Trips

Field trips are rarely if ever taken due to the rising costs of transportation. Most often a ‘visitor’ may be invited to the center to provide a specific entertainment and you may be asked to submit separate payment for this special activity.


Each year our center holds and end of the year ceremony at a site that is large enough to hold the student body and their families. There is a fee charged for this and is generally about $30.00. Children who ‘graduate’ to leave our program to move up to Kindergarten will wear a cap and gown (an additional fee), you may borrow a cap and gown from a previous grad.

Hours of operation M-F 8-5


Half day 8:30-Noon
5 days $6,600.00
4 days $6,200.00
3 days $6,000.00
2 days $5,800.00

Full day 8:30-3:30
5 days $7,800.00
4 days $7,600.00
3 days $7,000.00
2 days $6,800.00

Extended days 8:00-5:00
5 days $9,200.00
4 days $8,600.00
3 days $8,200.00
2 days $8,000.00

Tuition is 10 equal payments are due September through June

Tuitions paid before September first in full may deduct 10% of the total due

Cash, Check or Credit is acceptable beginning September 01

Summer is separate from the ‘school’ program and will operate four weeks
3 in July 1 in August


There are fees charged for :  Early drop off, Late pick up, unpaid or tardy tuition payments, before and after care, graduation, school pictures, graduation gowns and visiting artists.

Registration is non refundable fee of $50.00

Late fees for tuition payments made after the first of each week due is $3.00 per day.

Early Drop off or Late Pick-up will be charged and is $7.00 per quarter hour.

Returned Check fees are: first time $25.00, second time $30.00, third time $50.00 and no checks will be accepted from the party after a third time, all payments will be expected in cash.

Graduation fee will be charged and may be subject to change.
(Fees continued)

Cap and Gown fee is approximately $35.00