Tuition and Fees

Hours of operation M-F 8-5


Half day 8:30-Noon
5 days $6,600.00
4 days $6,200.00
3 days $6,000.00
2 days $5,800.00

Full day 8:30-3:30
5 days $7,800.00
4 days $7,600.00
3 days $7,000.00
2 days $6,800.00

Extended days 8:00-5:00
5 days $9,200.00
4 days $8,600.00
3 days $8,200.00
2 days $8,000.00

Tuition is 10 equal payments are due September through June

Tuitions paid before September first in full may deduct 10% of the total due

Cash, Check or Credit is acceptable beginning September 01

Summer is separate from the ‘school’ program and will operate four weeks
3 in July 1 in August

Tuition changes effective 8/01/2017


There are fees charged for :  Early drop off, Late pick up, unpaid or tardy tuition payments, before and after care, graduation, school pictures, graduation gowns and visiting artists.
Registration is non refundable fee of $50.00

Late fees for tuition payments made after the first of each week due is $3.00 per day.

Early Drop off or Late Pick-up will be charged and is $7.00 per quarter hour.

Returned Check fees are: first time $25.00, second time $30.00, third time $50.00 and no checks will be accepted from the party after a third time, all payments will be expected in cash.

Graduation fee will be charged and may be subject to change.
(Fees continued)

Cap and Gown fee is approximately $35.00